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Clear Thinking. Strong Messaging. 

Consulting & copywriting that cuts through confusion.


Shape Your Strategy


Find Your



Craft Your


We've been there...

Endless strategy meetings.

Crowded websites.
Cute ad copy that missed the point.
Employees who’ve lost steam & vision.
Clients walk away confused.

And you lose business.

Clear Messaging Starts with Clear Thinking.

We’ve been creating clear messaging for decades. We have helped companies, organizations and individuals tell their story with fresh insight and focus.

If confusing messages are holding you back, Petersen Creative Enterprises can help you find the freshness and clarity you need.

"Randy Petersen has collaborated with me on 13 book projects. As a psychologist and public speaker, I knew what I wanted to say, but when it came to writing I agonized over each phrase.


Randy was able to listen, organize, and then write out my thoughts in a way that readers found easy to read and understand. Whether it was an article, newsletter,or a book series, Randy knew how to get our projects
across the finish line."

Dr. Thomas Whiteman

Life Counseling, Fresh Start Divorce Recovery

Step 1. Set up a meeting.

By phone or in person. A casual discussion will help us both discover your greatest need and how we can help.


Our Process

Our process is all about you and your needs. Getting started is easy

Step 2. Choose Your Service

Simple Feedback

Brand Strategy

Website Evaluation


Strategic Messaging

Web Copy (Wireframe)

Email Campaigns

Lead Generators

Sales Letters

Team Coaching

Public Speaking

Elevator Pitch Delivery

Framework for Creatives

Step 3. Tell Your Story

Incorporate your new, clear message at every level of your organization to build confidence and win business

"For the 20 years Randy Petersen has walked alongside our organization, he has demonstrated compassion for the disenfranchised, commitment to justice, and an exceptional ability to share stories that open eyes and hearts without diminishing the dignity of those he seeks to help."

Bruce Main

Founder, President, UrbanPromise

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